Pain Control Is A Way Of Life

Pain Control Is A Way Of Life

Welcome to “Treat Pain in Queens”, your guide to everything related to body pain in the borough of Queens, NY. We will provide informative articles about back, pain, neck and shoulder pain as well as hand-picked pain treatment professionals in the area.

By aggregating information from our local doctors and pain management specialist, we can make it available through a series of news, articles, and guides that will help our readers with pain management.

Simple Pain Management Tips:

Dealing with back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, or knee pain is not pleasant and there are ways to reduce and even eliminate the pain.

Some of the most important advice is to avoid quick aggressive movements and high-pressure impact.

Sleeping on a quality mattress with a pillow that suits your sleeping position is the first step to getting a full night’s sleep and reducing pain. Following HHS guidelines for pain will be the key to day to day success.

Ice packs and over the counter pain medication can only take you so far, and this is when the time has come to visit an experienced pain management doctor near you. The newest techniques and equipment combined with expert advice is what we have come to expect in and around Queens with our partner doctors.

Our doctors are double board certified for your convenience.

Treating Upper Vs Lower Back Pain: A Complete Outline

Back pain is something that is all too common for American adults to feel. In fact, 65 million Americans have reported feeling back pain within the last year and 16 million have reported feelings of chronic back pain. 

Sometimes the cause of back pain can be more serious, and other times can be corrected at home. Some that more serious and would require an experienced back pain physician include osteoporosis, arthritis, auto or sports injuries, and ruptured discs. Many times though back pain can be caused or made worse by activities which we can adjust with a little attention on our own.

The treatment for back pain can differ based on the cause and what part of the back the pain is being felt, the upper or lower back.

Upper back pain

 Upper back pain is usually felt just below the neck and shoulders and can range from a loss of mobility or numbness to sharp stabbing pains. Because the muscles are so large and vital to many activities we do it can also become further irritated and made worse if not treated early on.

When it is minor pain some of the best things we can do is work on some basic stretches to help relax the muscles. A simple shoulder role or overhead arm reach can work wonders in reducing the tension in the upper back. Applying ice or heat is another at home easy treatment. By applying a cold pack for 10 or 20 minutes and then rotating with a heat pack, it stimulates blood flow and reduces inflammation in the muscles. Over the counter pain, medication like ibuprofen can be used moderately as suggested by your local pain doctor or as the medicine is intended, it should never be overused.

For more serious upper back pain the doctor can prescribe stronger pain medications or muscle relaxers as a temporary fix if the pain is not bearable.  Physical therapy and specialized acupuncture might also be an appropriate treatment depending on the cause. For isolated pain, many doctors can perform trigger point injections where a small needle is used to inject sale or anesthetic to reduce inflammation and pain in the patient.

Lower back pain

Back pain does not differentiate between elite or common people, it hurts no matter how much money you have. Gentle stretching and ice and cold backs can be extremely effective. Focusing on how you stand or sit, with your shoulders back and not leaning over will automatically correct your posture taking tension off of your lower back. Sleeping with a pillow between your knees if you sleep on your side or below your legs if you sleep on your back can also create a more natural position for your spine in the night.

In addition to everything mentioned for the upper back (medication, physical therapy, etc) there are a number of surgical options that your doctor may recommend if the pain is severe enough.

Discectomy: A price of the Lamina (part of the spinal cord) to remove pressure on the bulging disc.

Intradiscal electrothermal therapy: Inserting a needle into the disc of the spine and heating it up for 10-20 minutes, causing the disc walls to thicken and reducing irritation.

Nucleoplasty: uses radio waves to heat and shrink the tissue.

Radiofrequency lesioning:  uses radio waves to interrupt the way the nerves communicate with each other. 

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